• EFI is offering an opportunity for its member organisations to develop the concept of Biocities, in a new call launched. EFI aims to launch a Biocities Facility to better connect science-based knowledge to policy and practice, and to unlock the potential of forest-based solutions in rethinking and creating sustainable, healthy and resilient cities, while leading the decarbonization of our society. A grant of up to 200,000 euros from the EFI Network Fund is available to member organisations to fund a study to develop the concept of Biocities. This study will address knowledge gaps and identify specific topics and activities that could be addressed by the new Facility. Read more here.
  • Join the first ever ThinkForest webinar: "Science Insights to the European Green Deal and Forests" on 20 May 2020 at 10-12.30CET
    This event aims discussing the following questions:
    - What are the main objectives of Green Deal and how these relate to the forest-based sector?
    - How is the forest-based sector in general viewed in the Green Deal?
    - What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Green Deal proposal regarding the forest-based sector from the ecological, economic and social sustainability perspectives?
    - How could the Green Deal be further developed to take better advantage of the EU sector's ability to contribute to the main objectives of the Deal?
    Find out more and register here.
  • Recent publication:European forest governance post-2020. From Science to Policy 10. European Forest Institute.Authors: Bernhard Wolfslehner, Helga Pülzl, Daniela Kleinschmit, Filip Aggestam, Georg Winkel, Jeroen Candel, Katarina Eckerberg, Peter Feindt, Constance McDermott, Laura Secco, Metodi Sotirov, Magdalena Lackner, Jeanne-Lazya Roux.https://doi.org/10.36333/fs10. The study was published on 29 April and is freely downloadable. Download the full study Download the executive summary