Dear colleagues,
Today is the International Day of Forests and a good occasion to share EFI's new vision and strategic ambitions. Our new strategy is very much based on the vision that our forests will play a key transformational role in creating a new economic paradigm; one where biological resources, and not fossil ones, are the growth engine for an economy that prospers sustainably within the renewable boundaries of our planet. In this context, I invite you to watch a short video we have prepared for this year's International Day of Forests to reflect on the importance of our forests and our new strategic ramework. Please spread it widely through your channels!

Furthermore, I would like to highlight our recent work in implementing our new strategy and reflecting on the needed structural changes at EFI. The first step has been the establishment of two new Research Programmes: Bioeconomy and Resilience. The Bioeconomy Programme, coordinated from Joensuu, is possible thanks to the increased funding agreement with the Finnish Government. The Resilience Programme is established within our new Office in the city of Bonn as result of a long-term commitment by the German government, including a Host Country Agreement and funding contract, which provides for the first time German core funding to our Institute in addition to project resources. These programmes will play a key role in generating the EFI knowledge base and addressing our strategic themes. More information on their scope can be found here.

In addition to the new programmes, other important structural developments related to each of our different units are now being planned in order to effectively implement the new strategy. I look forward to sharing the new structural framework with all of you in our forthcoming Council meeting (April 2017) and Annual Conference (October 2018). We are in a transition towards a new world and EFI is ready for the new challenges and opportunities to come!

With best wishes
Marc Palahi